Who We Are

Hello, we are Tommy and Sarah.

We really like being teachers. That’s why we set up Grow Tuition

We still teach in a real school too because we are passionate about helping children learn, develop and grow.

What we don’t like very much is stress and pressure on children. That’s another reason why we set up Grow Tuition. There are lots of studies to say that children are really, really stressed at school and, as teachers, we have seen it for ourselves. We also know that class sizes can be big, resources can be stretched and sometimes children can’t always get all the help they need to reach their potential.

Sarah Hawthorne

Qualified teacher, grammar obsessive, music lover.

Sarah is a qualified teacher. She has taught in Years 5 and 6 over the last 4 years at a primary school, and her specialist subjects are maths and music. Sarah has a BA Hons in Primary Education which she studied for 4 years.

As well as coordinating maths at her school, she is also a specialist in Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development for children. That’s why she feels very strongly about making sure children are happy, balanced and open-minded individuals by the time they go out into the big wide world.

Sarah’s special strengths are Key Stage 2 test preparation, grammar and punctuation (she’s a stickler for it) and building children’s self-esteem through learning, but she can do lots of other things to help children too.

Tommy likes to play football, go swimming and travel to exciting places all over the world (he once helped to build a school in Ghana). Tommy has been a qualified teacher for 5 years and he is also a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Helping children to stay happy and healthy is really important to Tommy. He thinks that if you are laughing and moving when you’re learning then you’ll definitely remember all the important stuff.

Tommy’s special strength is getting boys excited about reading and writing and- because Tommy is a Year 6 teacher- he also knows how to help children do really well on those tricky SATS tests.

Tommy Bunn

Qualified teacher, sporty, traveller.



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