Learning Groups

Learning Groups

What is a Grow Learning Group?

Grow learning groups are 80 minutes, because we think that’s just enough time to get lots of learning done before your brain starts to tire out. There will never be more than four children with one teacher.

Our little classroom is equipped with some iPads, laptops and a projector that can make learning more engaging. We also use concrete objects, pictures, moving images and a host of other things to help children learn in a fun and effective way.

English Grow Learning Group

English grammar can be really tricky, so we make sure we cover the really complex concepts in an easy to understand way.  We encourage children to use what they know about grammar, punctuation and spelling in their ‘real’ writing to improve their overall writing attainment.

Reading is another important aspect of the English curriculum. Children need to be able to comprehend texts in order to answer questions on them. We work on inference and deduction skills to help children understand a range of literary genres, and encourage ‘higher order’ thinking skills.

We also think that it’s important to really enjoy reading. We encourage children to read for pleasure and every child will have access to our library where they can find books that excite, engage and inspire.

Maths Grow Learning Group

Maths is a really exciting subject. There are opportunities to learn about maths all around us. Our teaching follows the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach which is based on evidence that children only understand the complex concepts of mathematics by understanding them in their ‘concrete’ or ‘real’ form first.

We are skilled at helping children remember all the calculations they need to know at KS2, and making the process fun and engaging. Boring maths is banned.



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